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The new jewellery collection from Della: versatile, on trend and utterly beautiful

Versatile. Classic. Elegant. Just three words to describe the gorgeous new jewellery collection from Della. Pippa de Charmoy started the brand because she believed that there was a gap in the market for high quality, classic designs and only produces 10 to 25 pieces per design. Pippa designs what she likes to wear; her pieces are comfortable and versatile with a touch of colour – and the collection this time is less fussy and more classic.

Pippa works with semi-precious stones as her material of choice as they are both beautiful and durable and she loves to “play around” when putting more than one colour into a design. These stones come in many different colour shades, which is ideal as she works with all the new fashion trends, such as the colour trends for Spring/ Summer 2019: shades of Aspen Gold (yellows), pastel Blues, Corals, Tumeric, Fuchsia (pinks) and Nudes.

When it comes to all things creative, her two daughters even inspire the choices she makes in her business. “Ella is a great help when it comes to the layout of the lifestyle photographs, while Demi follows the fashion trends and loves giving me her input,” she says. But does she have a favourite design?

“I love the Megan drops in Pink Quartz because they are so light and comfortable. I also adore the Kiran ring with the Turquoise copper stone as it tends to lift and smarten casual wear,” says Pippa.

These days, wearing more than one statement jewellery piece and mixing metals is encouraged, and as Della exudes simplicity and elegance, this is definitely the case for these earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Simply shop safely and securely online via the website. Prices start at around R300 for a pair of earrings, and items are delivered directly to your door, packaged in the statement Della style.

Spoil yourself with these exquisite jewellery pieces visit Della here or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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